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Leaving a co-location

An agency may need to leave a co-location early in some cases, or reduce their portion of the co-location space.

What you need to do

Check the release clauses in the Memorandum of Understanding and co-location agreement for the procedures and obligations that must be followed.

Formalising a co-location

The leaving agency must continue to meet their financial obligations for capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditure costs (OPEX) until an alternative arrangement is made.

Funding a co-location

Negotiating an alternative arrangement

The leaving agency can negotiate a new arrangement with:

  • an existing co-location partner who agrees to take over their share of the space, or
  • a new co-location partner – the new partner must be agreeable to the existing participating agencies and to Government Property Group (GPG).

If the leaving agency has contributed capital to the co-location, the new agency should reimburse the capital at the appropriate depreciated value.

How we can help

We can help agencies negotiate an alternative arrangement. If your agency needs to leave a co-location or reduce your share of the space, please get in touch.

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