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About us

The Government Property Group enables agencies to create more flexible, agile and collaborative working environments, supporting a unified Public Service.

What we do

The Government Property Group (GPG) is government's property system and functional lead.

Property decisions have influence well beyond the walls and desks of the workplace. They affect our productivity, how we connect citizens to government, contribute to our culture and communities, and impact our environment.

GPG's expertise and oversight guides these decisions, in collaboration with government agencies.

The nature of work and workplaces is rapidly changing. GPG enables agencies to adapt to this dynamic landscape, while optimising the performance and public value of the government's office portfolio.

Our functions include:

  • developing national property strategies, standards, guidelines, tools and processes
  • providing property advice for mandated agencies
  • working with agencies to manage and coordinate government office accommodation needs
  • approving government property acquisitions, renewals and disposals (leased or owned)
  • helping and collaborating with agencies when they are leading property projects
  • enabling objective assurance to support government property projects
  • whole-of-government procurement of property-related goods and services
  • maintaining the integrated workplace management system, Government Property Portal
  • delivering the Government Office Accommodation Programme.

This site provides general guidance on government property matters, processes and standards. It also contains specific expectations for property mandated agencies to follow.

How we can help

We work with mandated agencies to guide and support their:

  • property portfolio planning
  • leasing, including approvals, renewals, and disposals
  • property brokerage (helping agencies fill surplus space with those that need space).

GPG also has experts in workplace design and change management, who help agencies develop modern, efficient and inclusive workplaces.

Property Matters newsletter

Property Matters explores the future of government workplaces; keep you up to date with the work on the Government office accommodation programme; and other important updates from the Government Property Group.

You can subscribe to receive our newsletter by emailing info@gpg.govt.nz.

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Cabinet papers

Cabinet minute setting out functional leadership of property [PDF, 40 KB] – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Report Back: Mandate changes for the delivery of the Government Office Accommodation Programme [PDF, 2 MB] – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment