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Government Property Portal

Mandated agencies are required to use the Government Property Portal (GPP) – an integrated system for property information – to manage their property functions and facilities, as well as maintenance, reporting and risk management.

The Government Property Portal is available to all mandated agencies and provides comprehensive functionality for managing leases, assets, facilities and space planning. You are required to keep the information up to date and include any changes to your portfolio.

Using GPP allows agencies to easily maintain and report on space, assets, facilities and lease-related obligations, save on costs, and improve risk management practices.

Modules available

  1. Property and lease – a single location to manage all of your properties and leases.
  2. Space management – helps you best use your space and reduce your operational costs.
  3. Asset management – provides a tool to help you manage and maintain your property and equipment assets.
  4. Facilities management – manage the availability and condition of your facilities and assets through work requests, with a transparent process for logging them.
  5. Condition assessment (add-on module) – a way to evaluate your agency's physical assets and determine corrective action based on your risk mitigation and operational priorities.
  6. Hoteling – book desks to secure a workstation for the day prior to coming into the office.

We also have a mobile app available for the space management, asset management and condition assessment modules.

Benefits of using the Government Property Portal

Use the GPP to:

  • better manage and use space, property and lease assets
  • reduce operational costs by managing maintenance costs of assets
  • easily maintain and report on space, assets, facilities and lease-related obligations
  • improve risk management capability and practices.

One property system across government means:

  • reduced costs – one system for all property information that you don’t need to implement yourself
  • any ongoing upgrades, management, support and risks sit with us
  • cost of development is shared across agencies
  • collaboration and cooperation is strengthened between government entities in property and property-related activities.

How Government Property Group uses the Government Property Portal

When mandated agencies use the GPP, it helps us take a more coordinated approach to property management and reporting, including:

  • informing government about the Crown’s estate
  • providing progress on the government office accommodation programme
  • identifying brokerage opportunities for agencies to optimise the use of Crown estate
  • supporting an evidence-based evaluation and reporting process for our work programme.


Agencies are charged an annual fee to use the GPP. The fee covers:

  • licensing
  • hosting
  • helpdesk support
  • upgrades and improvements to the system.

The fee is based on your agency's square meterage of office space, including public interface areas.

Get access to the Government Property Portal

The property portal is available to all mandated government agencies. Non-mandated agencies should contact Government Property Group to discuss getting access by emailing the GPG team.

Government property mandate

To check if your agency has signed up already, email the GPG team.