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Project governance

Establish clear governance structures at the beginning of the project is critical when supporting effective joint decision-making.

Governance structure

Set up a governance structure that fits with the size, scale and complexity of the project. The governance group should include key stakeholders from within the agency and representatives from other agencies that have been through a similar process, and
a Government Property Group representative.

Terms of reference for governance groups

We recommend agencies create terms of reference for each governance group, detailing agreements for how the group will work together to deliver the project. These should cover topics such as:

  • how much time people need to review plans and get internal approval at key milestones
  • the approval process for making operational decisions for the site
  • when and what items need to be escalated and which decisions can remain at the property managers or operations group level.

Senior management engagement

We recommend that projects set up a regular forum for senior management engagement. Each project will have different requirements – choose a method that fits the scale, complexity and risk profile of the project. If a forum is not established, senior managers of all participating agencies should be provided with regular reports on the project’s risks and financial performance.