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Facilities management planning

Facilities teams should have rolling 4-year maintenance schedules defining responsibilities and budgets, and linking them with the agency's existing business strategies.

Facilities management staff must be clear about their role within the agency's business continuity plan.

You should also be familiar with your agency’s business strategies and property plans and incorporate these into facilities planning and maintenance.

Where relevant, align your facilities planning with the asset planning forecast.

Asset management planning

Create a maintenance schedule

To ensure that both the agency and the landlord understand and meet their obligations, you must:

  • maintain a schedule recording the landlord’s and the agency’s facilities maintenance obligations for each site as set out in the lease
  • use the facilities management obligations template to record this information
  • develop and maintain a tenant-planned maintenance schedule and budget for each site for a rolling four-year period
  • monitor, review and update existing systems you are responsible for  like lighting and security systems.

You should include a list of all the facilities maintenance obligations required, who is responsible for undertaking each obligation and when the obligations need to be met.

Know your obligations

You must ensure you are aware of and comply with relevant health and safety legislation and procedures. Ensure these are implemented by all facilities maintenance contractors who undertake tasks on agency sites.

Make sure you stay informed on any other relevant legislation and regulations which govern the operation of your property portfolio, and comply with them.