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New policy and guidance for managing cultural heritage places

Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage has refreshed the policy on how state sector agencies manage cultural heritage places.

The government is the steward of many cultural heritage places on behalf of all New Zealanders. Cultural heritage places can take many forms, from government buildings in metropolitan areas to sacred and historic sites across the motu. This policy has been designed to support agencies in the conservation of cultural heritage places that they may have in their property portfolio.    

Pou Tohu Matua Kaupapa Here, Senior Policy Advisor, Manatū Taonga Kirsty de Jong says, “The new policy has been updated to align with the property management cycle and reflect developments in best practice heritage management. People can explore the policy and guidance on our website.”

In the middle of the year, Manatū Taonga will also run webinars on key topics raised in the policy, subject to demand. Please register for sessions by clicking the links below. Registrations close 17 March.

Sign up for a webinar:

  1. How heritage values apply to Crown agencies
    Includes practical tips on creating heritage inventories and completing significance assessments
  2. Understanding the legislative framework for protecting heritage
  3. Conservation planning: cheaper and easier than you think
  4. Managing change
    Includes advice on adaptive reuse, additions and alterations, and disposal.

Feedback on the above topics and requests for additional webinar topics are welcome.

Policy for government management of cultural heritage places

The new policy for government management of cultural heritage places applies to the wider state sector, not just government departments. The types of agencies the policy applies to are listed in the Policy’s Appendix or on the Manatū Taonga website.

Policy for Government Management of Cultural Heritage Places (2022) – Manatū Taonga

The policy still applies to agencies without heritage currently in their portfolios as agencies are required to go through the process of identifying the cultural heritage places in their care. Manatū Taonga has published a guidance booklet to assist with implementing the policy, including identification.

From 2024, agencies will be required to report on compliance with the policy and provide reasons for non-compliance. Reporting outcomes will be made publicly available on the Ministry’s website. Manatū Taonga will consult property managers on the design of the reporting framework.

Email Senior Policy Advisor Kirsty de Jong if you have any questions about the policy, if you'd like to receive further information from Manatū Taonga or to be registered on to their stakeholder list.