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He Whenua Taurikura - National hui on countering terrorism and violent extremism

Key groups from across central and local government, civil society, and the private sector came together in November for He Whenua Taurikura, the national hui on countering terrorism and violent extremism.

The annual hui, established following the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch Mosque attack, is an opportunity to build relationships and share understanding of countering violent extremism and terrorism. Speakers highlighted the changing nature of New Zealand, as a nation, we face huge diversification of cultural, ethnic, and political groups.  

Topics included preventing and countering violent terrorism from a Te Tiriti perspective, responding to the changing threat environment in New Zealand, diversity in democracy and disengagement from radicalisation. 

Rebecca Kitteridge, Director General of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service took the opportunity to promote their latest publication - Know the signs, which outlines seven indicators of violent extremism. 

He Whenua Taurikura hui – Te Pā Whakamarumaru | New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

Co-Directors of He Whenua Taurikura National Centre of Research Excellence outlined their research into the impact of algorithms in the online environment, and how to make online spaces safer. A Prevention Framework for the online environment will be released by the end of this year.

Bruce Kenning, Manager of Government Property Group's (GPG) Planning and Advisory team took part in a panel discussion on how the crowded places strategy is being used in businesses and sectors. The panel discussion highlighted opportunities for agencies to ensure that they are:

  • Incorporating protective security measures – Deter, detect, respond and delay into layered security plans.
  • Weaving the escape, hide, tell approach into refreshed site security plans and physical security design for vulnerable sites.
  • Educating people on what to do in the event of an attack or similar incident.
  • Regularly reminding their people about the importance of reporting suspicious behaviour and encouraging the use of event reporting tools.
  • Using security guards to support the ability to identify external people who may be attempting to undertake reconnaissance on their people, information, or assets.
  • Investing in security measures to ensure they remain fit for purpose to protect their people, information, assets, and customers and members of the public.

He Whenua Taurikura Hui

Protecting our crowded places from attack – New Zealand’s strategy – New Zealand Government Procurement